Claymore2023 – Information for SESWC Members (Volunteering and Flea-Market)


As per usual we’re looking for members  to help set up the show  (16.00-18.30 on Friday 4th August( and to help out on the day of the day (Saturday 5th August).

Could any members willing an able to volunteer please complete the Volunteering Form that can be downloaded here, either as a pdf, or as an MS Word .document (docx)

As well as the set up and take down we need volunteers to man the do0rs throughout the day, to help out at the Flea-Market (see below)  or carry out other duties.

Flea Market

As you should know we are running a Flea-Market at Claymore 2023 rather than the customary Bring & Buy Sale.

The club has reserved two tables for members to sell their stuff in the Flea-Market and we will be running these  sales in the same way as we used to run the Bring & Buy .

This facility will only be available to current SESWC members  who will be required to fill out a form and label their stuff appropriately. 

You can download the necessary form here, either as a pdf, or as an MS Word document (docx)