For over fifty years the South East Scotland Wargames Club has been serving wargamers in the Edinburgh area.

Weekly meetings: These are held every Thursday, from 7.00 pm until 11.00 pm in the Royal Navy & Royal Marine Association at 1 Broughton Road, Edinburgh. There’s space for up to fifteeen 6’x4′ gaming tables and we have a good supply of scenery for miniatures games permanently stored on the premises. Other members play board or card games and there’s a bar on site for those who like to have a drink while they are playing.   Map and details are here.

Games played: There’s a good balance between historical, science fiction and fantasy gaming in the club and if it’s a wargame then someone in the club probably plays it. Pictures of games being played at the club can be seen on our Facebook page.

Claymore: The club organises an annual wargames show, usually held on the first Saturday in August. For many wargamers this show is the highlight of the wargaming year in Scotland and it attracts people from all over the country and also from the North of England. Claymore 2022 will be held in early August 2022, at Edinburgh College’s Granton Campus.

Contact us : Send an email to the SESWC webmaster at admin@seswc.co.uk.